Both their data and information such as their applications work on a remote server, equipped with the highest security measures and housed in a secure Data Center.

Top brand servers with large capacity hard disk processor and sufficient to ensure high service availability.

Only you no one else can access your data, not even visualize. Have the same privacy or even greater than when the data were housed on your PC. Ofiwex provides you with a Login name and a code that only you know, and serves as a "key" to access their data. The system is similar to that of Internet mail accounts, or the financial cash.

Ofiwex have the latest and most comprehensive perimeter security systems, firewalls, antivirus, antispam, web content control, we use security systems like those used by financial institutions.

Ofiwex performs incremental back up data daily, ie every day to save the changes you have made with respect to their previous day's data. We also make a full backup monthly.

With Ofiwex can not lose your data because they are stored securely. Previously, this could be a problem because if you lose your data lost all the information, now it is almost impossible to happen by design clustered server architecture and because every day we make backups of their data, thereby has provided all information and data safe.

Indeed, Ofiwex offers a content control service so that their employees can only access those Internet sites that you authorize. This way you get two benefits: increasing the productivity of their employees, and most importantly, it prevents you unconfigure their systems because they can not download applications or programs that destabilized.

The system and platform architecture has been designed Ofiwex cluster (all servers are duplicated), so that even if the server falls, automatically enter your "mirror" in place, without you there runs nothing. Likewise, we have a replacement server, so that in the unlikely event that an incident occurred, were beyond repair or replace the server immediately.

Ofiwex platform has all the redundant power sources, so that's always a guaranteed supply of energy and thus the service.

In Ofiwex have a monitoring service 24 X 7, which continuously monitors the level of service by sending signals to servers. In case of incident alarms automatically skipped so that we can act even before you have noticed anything.

Is immediate. We have different systems of operation: * When is an impact on a login session, we connect remotely to it, with the authorization of Login, thus solving the impact on the spot. With this method we can solve 99% of the cost, thereby reducing response time and downtime of our customers. * When is an effect on the system, by providing early warning systems are able to act immediately to restore the situation.

Today it is very difficult to happen, in fact Ofiwex ADSL lines are run continuously, which assures the full availability of the service. Moreover if you wish, you can have another adsl line with your current provider as a back up, so that in the unlikely event that a line suffered an incident, the other would come into operation automatically.

If you have purchased the Remote PC Premium service, the service is the fastest and most complete on the market, because with one phone call to our center technical care (CAT), will resolve immediately and on line any type of incident.

Ofiwex service provides secure, remote connection to the same information on your desktop, just like you would on your job, you only need an Internet connection and have Terminal Server, if being on the road and from the computer which is connected does not have Terminal Server, you can connect by going to our Web through the area reserved for customers.

Ofiwex gives service to any employee of the company and from any location can access the company information you want, you only need to proceed as explained point 14 above.

Of course, Ofiwex is the quickest way for the implementation of any job even in another city, that just have an Internet connection will have automatic access to all the data you defined.

Ofiwex applies the same security measures that a financial institution which ensures that only you can access your account through Internet banking. There are a number of authentications that empower you as the only login that can access your information.

Are you, the customer, which in each case define the user profiles and access to each login, once defined, thanks to centralized management of Ofiwex, implemented it immediately.

Notify us by email or on 902 88 99 89 and amending the act.

New application must indicate that Ofiwex want to install and takes care of everything, without you having to worry about anything else. Having made the necessary verifications, the installation was done immediately and simultaneously all Logins.

Ofiwex has reached an agreement with Microsoft to ensure that all companies and professionals who so wish, can have Office licenses for a small monthly amount, with the advantage of that if you unsubscribe to a login, it automatically ceases to pay for it. Only pay a small amount per month during the term of this discharged each login.

The platform has a bandwidth that allows you to download heavy files on your server in much more limited than you were accustomed as it now depends on the bandwidth of your office but the bandwidth of the data center where the server is located.

On the contrary, it is now Ofiwex which has such high bandwidth and puts at your service. From his office, you only need a standard ADSL because now the data does not "travel" from the server to your computer, you only view and only "travel" keyboard commands.