To focus on the company, not the mail server.

Gmail for business: 25 GB of storage per user, powerful spam filtering, interoperability with BlackBerry and Outlook, and a service level agreement (SLA, Service Level Agreement) of the operating time of 99.9%

  • Email, IM, video chat and voice

Each user has 25 GB for storing email and IM (50 times the industry average).

  • E-mail access anytime, anywhere

Gmail is positioned securely on the Web, so you can take advantage from your desktop, on the go, at home, through your mobile phone and even offline.

  • Interoperability with Outlook and BlackBerry

Use other mail interfaces that are familiar with until you're ready to work only with Gmail.

  • Search and immediate detection of emails

Spend less time organizing email. Quickly find the message you want thanks to Google search for your inbox.

  • Receiving less spam

Powerful Gmail spam filtering helps you stay focused on the important messages. The Postini filtering offers the ability to customize the spam protection.

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