Organize online meetings with Google Calendar

The implementation of Web-based calendar allows employees to collaborate effectively and help reduce IT costs and problems.

  • Easy to make appointments

Overlay multiple calendars and check the availability of people. Google Calendar invitations sent and manages RSVPs.

  • Integration with e-mail system

Google Calendar is integrated with Gmail and can operate in conjunction with other common calendar applications.

  • Sharing project schedules

Calendars can be shared with all members of the company, with certain colleagues. The various controls on the sharing permissions to help maintain security and privacy.

  • Access via Mobile Device

Consultation and edit event details, adds new events and create invitations on mobile devices like BlackBerry and iPhone. You can even receive SMS calendar notifications.

  • Publication Calendar

Make public the company's external events by publishing a calendar that can be accessed on the Google Calendar Gallery. Calendars easily inserted into web pages.